GRN Czech welcomes new team members!

GRN Czech is more than thrilled to announce it’s two new crew members. To make the best possible introduction, we arranged a short interview with both of them. We hope you will enjoy reading it.

Deni Jelinčić, Social Media Project Coordinator                                                                                                          José Perona, IT Project Manager

Can you tell us little bit about yourself?
I’m a 23 year old student from Croatia and at this point I am mastering Marketing at University of Economics and Business in Zagreb.

José: Well, of course my friend. I am from Spain, particulary from Murcia. It is a southeast region of Spain. Since when i was a child, I always wanted to go out to work to other countries, but I did not know exactly where, but what is sure is that i always wanted to go out.  I studied the Degree of Human Resources and Factories Relations, that, like his own name says, gives me the capabilities to analyze the HR, Development Strategics Plans and all about how to improve the factory capabilities and optimize it. Also, I studied for two years the Degree in Computer Sciences, and this along  with my passion for electronics give me an advanced knowledge of Database, Smart-Technologies and Operating Systems.

And what are your professional interests?
Deni: I enjoy working on various marketing projects, from developing marketing strategies up to social media coordination. I just love how marketing covers such a high number of different disciplines which are crucial these days no meter in what kind of business you’re in. And the fact it changes constantly it makes it even more challenging and fun in the same time.

José: I am really interested in grow up like a professional recruiter but i don€™t know if I will develop my professional career here, in Czech Republic or in Spain, but what I know sure is that i want to stay for a long time here. Of course, I would like to help Spanish companies to compete in the Czech market, and, why not, in medium term i would like to have my own company.

What brings you Prague?
Deni: I have been elected for a Erasmus internship program, so I’m working at GRN Czech as a social media project coordinator until May 2013.

José: The opportunity of grow up in my professional career, meet new people, a really great new friends! search and find for new opportunities and of course, meet a new country with all the new usual behaviors that give me a new point of view about everything.

Did you had troubles getting away from home and getting comfortable in a new environment?
Deni: Actually not that much. Expect the language, Prague is very lookalike to, for example, Zagreb. Also I love to travel and I’ve been participating in several summer schools all over Europe, so changing environment is natural to me. It’s always nice to take a peak at how people are living in different countries and to learn about their national history or hear some interesting national stories.

José: Not really, but I think that it is because is what I really wanted. Of course that the language is the most difficult for me, inasmuch as is totally different of English, French, Spanish or any other language with Latin origin.

What is your job responsibilities at GRN?
Deni: I’m a Social Media Project Coordinator. Basically what that means is coordinating GRN’s social media strategy and coming up with new ideas. I must say I’m new to this field, so while I’m working on the best presentation of a company online, I have to dedicate sometime to learn about trends and how to get the maximum from social media channels in our benefit. It can be challenging, but also I can notice my personal growth as well as GRN’s in social media world.

José: I am responsible for the recruitment department of IT professionals. My job is to find the right person to fill the positions that our clients require. And this is possible only if the recruiter responsible has advanced computer knowledge and an extensive network of IT, because it is necesary the knowledge of what our customers need.

Do you think working for GRN will help you in your business career?
Deni: Of course. Gaining some real life business experience before leaving college with a master degree is definetly a big plus for me and my CV. It’s different, compared to collage. I mean, learning the theory is one, but implementing it and dealing with the problems on a daily base it’s something completely different. The best way to describe any marketing position would be a quote from Philip Kotler, “Marketing takes a day to learn. Unfortunately it takes a lifetime to master.” Also working for a recruiter company will give me a chance to network with so many professionals all over Europe, which is always handy in terms of business.

José: Of course, and I am going to be always beholden to Michael, Jakub, Tomas, and everyone of this office for give me the opportunity to know them, meet GRN and learn everything I learned, and everything I am going to learn.

Where do you see yourself regarding your business career?
Deni: Well, I wouldn’t put it „were“, but „how“ I see myself. Today’s labor market doesn’t let you relax at one workplace. Commonly you will change not only job poistions, but maybe even a whole industry environment and profession as well. So I would love to keep my options open all the time and to try be successful at what I do at that point. Gaining a lot of different knowledge, written and unwritten, makes you more compatible and more flexible about changing business environment or new job positions.

José: This is a difficult question my friend, because lives moves without you noticing. Of course I would like to work like professor of Education and Trainings, and at the same time have my own company of recruitment. I would like to continuing with my intellectual education with the obtaining of a PhD in a medium term period.

We wish both of you good luck, not only in GRN, but for your whole business career which is in front of you. Thank you for this interview.

Deni, José: Thank you.


Question to ask yourself while preparing a FAV Worksheet

Yesterday day we talked about How to prepare a FAV Worksheet. Today, we bring you the questions which might help you make one.

1.    What Special problems were you hired to solve? What did you do? How did you do it? What were the results?
2.     Were there any areas where you were unusually creative (i.e., markets, accounts, products, applications, solutions to problems or others)?
3.    Did you receive a promotion? Why were you promoted? Were you given added responsibility? Were you given significant salary increases or raises? What was the length of time between promotions? Did you do something especially outstanding? Did you manage additional people? If so, how many? Was more than one person or department responsible for your promotion?
4.    Did you help increase sales, productivity, efficiency, or any other achievement? What was the dollar/euro contribution or percentage? How did you accomplish this? Did you have a unique approach or different results from someone else?
5.    Did you save money for the company? How did this happen? What additional savings ($ or %) did you achieve? How did it compare to others? Did you receive any specific award or recognition for your savings?
6.    Did you help to establish any new goals or objectives for your company? Was management convinced by you that they should adopt these goals or objectives? What were the reasons they were adopted?
7.    Did you suggest any new or additional programs? What constituted the programs? What were the results? Did they increase efficiency or sales? Were they published or presented at any industry seminars? Did you receive any special award or recognition for your contribution?
8.    Did you establish any new systems or changes? What circumstances led to the change? Who approved the change? Why was your system chosen over others? How did it compare to others? What were the results?
9.    Did you recognize any problem that had been overlooked? What was the problem? What was the solution? Why had it been overlooked?
10.    Did you train anyone? Did you develop a unique training technique? How would you compare your results to others? Are others using your technique? Did you write any training programs or manuals?
11.    Did you redefine the nature or scope of your job? How and why did you reinterpret your position? As a result, were other comparable positions redefined? Where there resulting responsibility changes? Describe those changes.
12.    Did you undertake a project that was not part of your original responsibility because you wanted to solve the problem? This is a demonstration of interest in your job as well as the ability to take initiative.
13.    Did you do anything to make your job easier? Did his result in increased profits, efficiency or productivity?
14.    What would you say would be the most important qualities for the position you seek? Put yourself in the shoes of your prospective boss. Describe six qualities and look for examples you have for each of them. How do you stack up?

You can download a FAV Worksheet at official GRN Czech webpage

 processed by Deni Jelinčić – GRN Social Media project coordinator

customized and processed from GRN Czech webpage

How to prepare a FACTS – ACHIEVEMENTS – BENEFIT (FAB) Worksheet

Getting a job can be hard these days. For that reason, you have to know how to communicate with your potential employer and how to present your self in the best way. To get noticed, it is crucial to become clear of your achieved work abilities, because employers want to hear how you did your job and what you achieved in your past or current job position. Those gained benefits are the evidence of what can be expected from you in the new workplace. To become aware of them, we bring you a useful tips which can help you to express your self more efficient.

fabHow to prepare a FACTS –ACHIEVEMENTS – BENEFIT (FAB) Worksheet

1.    Make a copy of the Facts, Achievement and Benefit worksheet for each position you have held even if they are with the same company

2.    Next create a list of pertinent professional background facts for each position.
List such things as:
Educational background / Certifications / Licenses / Awards / Patents / Promotions / Letters of recommendation / Professional seminars / Years of experience / Participation in special projects / Programs developed and, or implemented / Unique assignments / Technical knowledge / Major accounts sold or serviced / New accounts opened / Equipment knowledge / Special challenges / Participation in special projects

3.     Once you have created a fact list for each position, list significant achievements for each fact. As much as possible express your accomplishments with metrics such as dollars saved or volume  increases. These metrics can also be stated as percentages. This is a critical part of the exercise. This prepares you to not only tell an employer what you did but also how you did it.
Consider how you:
Improved productivity / Increased sales / Reduced costs / Increased profits / Improved quality / Increased customer base / Solved problems / Ensured customer satisfaction / Saved time / Avoided loss / Reduced frustration / Improved morale / Reduced or eliminated the need for training / Avoided conflict / Reduced the need for supervision / Increased tenure / Improved safety/ Gained market share / Received recognition / Implemented creative solutions

4.    Next complete the value column by entering how these facts and achievements can benefit an employer. These statements will allow employers to visualize what they stand to gain by hiring you over other candidates they are considering.
Create statements such as:
– My proven background in… will allow me to (increase, decrease, improve)..
– With little or no training I can make an immediate impact on…
– With my ability to overcome obstacles I am sure I can (improve, produce, achieve)…
– My Techniques, knowledge, and training show I can (improve, increase, save) …

5.    Finally, review each list to ensure you have not missed any fact achievement or value statement. Look at your sheets through the eyes of a potential employer. If you were the employer would you be motivated to grand you an interview?

You can download a FAV Worksheet at official GRN Czech webpage

 processed by Deni Jelinčić – GRN Social Media project coordinator

customized and processed from GRN Czech webpage