How to prepare a FACTS – ACHIEVEMENTS – BENEFIT (FAB) Worksheet

Getting a job can be hard these days. For that reason, you have to know how to communicate with your potential employer and how to present your self in the best way. To get noticed, it is crucial to become clear of your achieved work abilities, because employers want to hear how you did your job and what you achieved in your past or current job position. Those gained benefits are the evidence of what can be expected from you in the new workplace. To become aware of them, we bring you a useful tips which can help you to express your self more efficient.

fabHow to prepare a FACTS –ACHIEVEMENTS – BENEFIT (FAB) Worksheet

1.    Make a copy of the Facts, Achievement and Benefit worksheet for each position you have held even if they are with the same company

2.    Next create a list of pertinent professional background facts for each position.
List such things as:
Educational background / Certifications / Licenses / Awards / Patents / Promotions / Letters of recommendation / Professional seminars / Years of experience / Participation in special projects / Programs developed and, or implemented / Unique assignments / Technical knowledge / Major accounts sold or serviced / New accounts opened / Equipment knowledge / Special challenges / Participation in special projects

3.     Once you have created a fact list for each position, list significant achievements for each fact. As much as possible express your accomplishments with metrics such as dollars saved or volume  increases. These metrics can also be stated as percentages. This is a critical part of the exercise. This prepares you to not only tell an employer what you did but also how you did it.
Consider how you:
Improved productivity / Increased sales / Reduced costs / Increased profits / Improved quality / Increased customer base / Solved problems / Ensured customer satisfaction / Saved time / Avoided loss / Reduced frustration / Improved morale / Reduced or eliminated the need for training / Avoided conflict / Reduced the need for supervision / Increased tenure / Improved safety/ Gained market share / Received recognition / Implemented creative solutions

4.    Next complete the value column by entering how these facts and achievements can benefit an employer. These statements will allow employers to visualize what they stand to gain by hiring you over other candidates they are considering.
Create statements such as:
– My proven background in… will allow me to (increase, decrease, improve)..
– With little or no training I can make an immediate impact on…
– With my ability to overcome obstacles I am sure I can (improve, produce, achieve)…
– My Techniques, knowledge, and training show I can (improve, increase, save) …

5.    Finally, review each list to ensure you have not missed any fact achievement or value statement. Look at your sheets through the eyes of a potential employer. If you were the employer would you be motivated to grand you an interview?

You can download a FAV Worksheet at official GRN Czech webpage

 processed by Deni Jelinčić – GRN Social Media project coordinator

customized and processed from GRN Czech webpage


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