Question to ask yourself while preparing a FAV Worksheet

Yesterday day we talked about How to prepare a FAV Worksheet. Today, we bring you the questions which might help you make one.

1.    What Special problems were you hired to solve? What did you do? How did you do it? What were the results?
2.     Were there any areas where you were unusually creative (i.e., markets, accounts, products, applications, solutions to problems or others)?
3.    Did you receive a promotion? Why were you promoted? Were you given added responsibility? Were you given significant salary increases or raises? What was the length of time between promotions? Did you do something especially outstanding? Did you manage additional people? If so, how many? Was more than one person or department responsible for your promotion?
4.    Did you help increase sales, productivity, efficiency, or any other achievement? What was the dollar/euro contribution or percentage? How did you accomplish this? Did you have a unique approach or different results from someone else?
5.    Did you save money for the company? How did this happen? What additional savings ($ or %) did you achieve? How did it compare to others? Did you receive any specific award or recognition for your savings?
6.    Did you help to establish any new goals or objectives for your company? Was management convinced by you that they should adopt these goals or objectives? What were the reasons they were adopted?
7.    Did you suggest any new or additional programs? What constituted the programs? What were the results? Did they increase efficiency or sales? Were they published or presented at any industry seminars? Did you receive any special award or recognition for your contribution?
8.    Did you establish any new systems or changes? What circumstances led to the change? Who approved the change? Why was your system chosen over others? How did it compare to others? What were the results?
9.    Did you recognize any problem that had been overlooked? What was the problem? What was the solution? Why had it been overlooked?
10.    Did you train anyone? Did you develop a unique training technique? How would you compare your results to others? Are others using your technique? Did you write any training programs or manuals?
11.    Did you redefine the nature or scope of your job? How and why did you reinterpret your position? As a result, were other comparable positions redefined? Where there resulting responsibility changes? Describe those changes.
12.    Did you undertake a project that was not part of your original responsibility because you wanted to solve the problem? This is a demonstration of interest in your job as well as the ability to take initiative.
13.    Did you do anything to make your job easier? Did his result in increased profits, efficiency or productivity?
14.    What would you say would be the most important qualities for the position you seek? Put yourself in the shoes of your prospective boss. Describe six qualities and look for examples you have for each of them. How do you stack up?

You can download a FAV Worksheet at official GRN Czech webpage

 processed by Deni Jelinčić – GRN Social Media project coordinator

customized and processed from GRN Czech webpage


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