Top 10 Characteristics of highly succesful rookies (Part 2)

• Be confident!
• Believe in yourself and know that you are successful
• Get on the phone immediately at the start of each day
• Have passion and conviction when you speak
• Place a high priority on phone time
• View phone time as the single most important measure of success and track it religiously
• Always hit 4 hours of phone time and 100+ calls a day, regardless of how long it takes to accomplish this
• Be committed to the business from Day 1
• Don’t be an “8 to 5” employee
• Don’t complain about how difficult recruiting is
• Become a student of your trade
• Avoid bringing personal problems to work
• Have the highest level of respect and regard for what you do
• Excel at finding a QCC and developing a solid call plan around him/her
• Develop the ability to find a true ‘A player’ in your market who’s open minded and committed to making a change
• Get ‘buy-in’ from your QCC and hold him/her accountable to the search
• Spend time developing a call plan that fits your QCC’s requirements and skill set
• Believe in and follow the GRN methodology for professional search
• Work in blocks of time
• Market in the morning, recruit in the afternoon
• Remember that prepping, debriefing, checking voicemail and email are necessary, but not ‘prime time’ activities. Save these tasks for non-prime phone time
• Do not skip steps or take shortcuts
• Ask smart questions and listen intently

Top 10 Characteristics of highly succesful rookies (Part 1)

• Be Goal Driven
• Set specific goals which include personal and professional objectives
• Always have the end in mind
• Write your goals down and share them with your manager, a spouse, a mentor, etc.
• Post your goals as a visual reminder
• Have an overwhelming desire to succeed
• Become task-oriented vs. time-oriented
• Have the tenacity of a bulldog
• Be extremely resilient
• Be competitive in everything you do

• Avoid over-analyzing calls when working through your planner
• Spend time up front to develop a solid plan for your QCC or Recruit Assignment
• Stay open-minded and don’t give in to preconceived notions
• Accept the fact that it’s not the end of the world if you make a call that is out in left field
• Be willing to seek help and feedback
• Have a mentor
• Understand that the learning curve is steep and it’s OK to say “I need help.”
• Ask lots of questions of peers, managers, clients, and candidates
• Avoid getting attached to candidates or clients
• Pay attention to red flags
• Don’t chase people!