Get to know us: Skye, project coordinator

GRN Czech has been offering internship positions already for 10 years. The first intern joined our team in 2003, and since then interns from France, Spain, Canada, India, Germany, Russia, Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Albania, Finland and Czech Republic have complemented the team. All together we have had roughly 35 interns learning something new about the world of headhunting.

At the moment our interns are from – pretty exotic, but still very different countries – Vietnam and Finland. Skye, our sun loving, energetic project coordinator, introduces herself today. Sini, our current social media project coordinator from Finland, will tell about herself a little bit later. Skye, by the way, is the second Asian intern in GRN Czech.


Hi Skye! Could you please tell us a little bit of yourself and your backround?

Hi everybody! I’m Skye Pham, from Vietnam, 21 years old. I am currently doing my internship at GRN Czech Republic. I have been here for 3 months now. Before moving to Prague for my internship, I had great time being an ERASMUS exchange student at Ceske Budojevice – other city in Czech Republic. I am an undergraduate at Lahti University of Applied Sciences in Finland, majoring in International Business.

I am a huge fan of travelling, that’s why I keep moving to new places. I cannot imagine myself being stuck in any place. Moreover, I believe that learning from people is the most interesting way to gain knowledge. That is the reason why I love making friends with people from many different backgrounds and cultures. Everyone has a story to tell.

What actually brings you Prague and GRN?

I am such a Prague lover. As I mentioned above, before applying for this internship at GRN, I was an ERASMUS student in Ceske Budejovice for 4 months. During that time I managed to visit Prague several times and got some new friends who currently are living in Prague. My friends showed me some interesting places in Prague, told me tons of stories about Czechoslovakia and communism in the past. This is always an interesting topic for me as I was born and growing up in a communist country.

I started applying for some internships in Czech Republic in May and accidentally, I read the advertisement of internship at GRN on the internet. This internship was appealing to me because I had no experiences about HR and recruiting. It was something really new that I wanted to try. I’m so glad I made it. It‘s cool to see myself as a learner and traveller at the same time.

Let’s take a peek to your professional side. What is your dream profession?

I don‘t have any definition of my dream job – yet. I suppose that is something you will happily do for the rest of your life? I think I need to experience and come over more challenges to see what I like the most. It is always tough to know how to make the best and right decisions. Now, after working at GRN for a while, I have became interested in recruiting and headhunting. On my view, headhunting is a combination of sales, communication, human resources management. The field is also related to psychology. I think one option for me might be working as an recruitment consultant. I know it is not easy, but I see myself as a young energetic person – I have enough time and eagerness to do it.

On the other hand, also the working environment needs to be taken into consideration. Basically, I like learning and doing something new, and I also like making friends with people. Feeling comfortable with people around me is a MUST in my working place.

So, you are staying in GRN until Christmas. What have you learnt during your internship so far?

I have been here at GRN for almost 3 months already. It sometimes surprises me when I look back at myself 3 months ago. I‘ve been working on several projects with my supervisors and after each project, I have gained new knowledge. Most of the new things are related to recruitment and human resource management. I am getting to know the process of recruiment, how consultants offer service to the clients, how to sort CVs and conduct an interview with potential candidates. From those lessons, I have learnt some better ways to communicate with people, learnt how improve my CV and I know how to deal with interviews. It‘s so interesting! Moreover, my main duty has been doing research by looking for clients and candidates in some specific fields. Thus, I have got a clearer image of those industries. I also made some marketing material for a new product in Czech Market and I learnt a lot about creating product presentations for different targets as well as managing product data files.

Last “serious” question, related to your future. What are your plans after finishing your internship in GRN?

I will finish my internship at GRN in December. After that I will go back to Finland to finish my study and write my thesis. Hopefully I‘ll graduate in December 2014. I am hoping to find an another internship somewhere else to get more experiences and improve my skills. After graduating, I will probably apply for an University to carry out a Master degree in management or marketing. So it seems I have a 4-year plan for myself, right? 🙂

Nevertheless, whatever I do, the most important part of my plan is  to keep moving forward. I simply prefer to see myself getting better than getting older.

ImageSkye enjoying the sunshine in natural reserve “Divorka Sarka” in Prague. Picture by Sini Suutari.

Finally,  check out Skye’s “10 quick choices”:

coffee or TEA (You know I am Asian. 😀 )
morning or EVENING
sports or ART (I’m not that sporty girl :/ )
DOG or cat
ROCK or JAZZ (I love both of them)
LIQUOR or whiskey (Jameson on Wednesday knocked me down. )
STEAK or soup
cake or CRISPS
linkedin or FACEBOOK
resume or CV

Here at the office, we definitely know you as “a tea girl”! Thank you dear Skye for the interview! 🙂