GRN CV Tips, part II: Don’t wait for a job search to update your CV – do it today!

keep-calm-and-update-your-cv-7The majority of people only go to revise their CV when they are looking for a new job or when they are worried about the current one. Although you enjoy your work and you have no intention to quit, you may need to think about your “old” CV and bring it “alive” today, rather than waiting until its urgent. Why?

Recent studies stress the importance of updating your CV regularly, NOT only when you are planning to quit a job or when you are already looking for a new one. Some very forward thinking companies even go so far as to check once per year if their employees have updated their CV. Sounds silly?

Well, Business Insider provides several good reasons, why you should sit down and update your CV right NOW. At GRN we agree with most of these and provide you with our insights as well.

  1. Remind yourself of your accomplishments

It’s sometimes necessary to sit down and think what did you actually achieve at your last job. Your CV contains information about the skills you’ve learned, but it should also give the picture of change you’ve made in your career path. It will help you to make your own plans for the near future, as well as for the long-term. We all want to present ourselves as impressively as possible, and with a fresh mind it’s much easier 🙂

  1. Track your personal progress

Many of us are very busy at work. That’s why we often forget what kind of progress we’ve made from the last job to the current one and in which areas we’ve developed. If you update your CV only once every few years, you are likely to forget or overlook some important changes that have happened in your career and which new skills you’ve acquired.

Reviewing your CV more often will help you understand yourself better, better track your career journey, and analyze your passions, values, and preferences. Every role is a reflection of who you are.

  1. Stressed time is not a good time

When you are looking for a new job or you are worried that a layoff may be coming, you naturally feel stressed out. This might not be the right time for refreshing your CV because you are not in the mindset of thinking about your successes and goals. Moreover, you are maybe under time pressure, so you might want to use your time for other things rather than refreshing your CV.

  1. Be prepared for the bad times too

The job market today is changing every day and sadly we have to be prepared for everything. You never know when your CV might come in handy and if you have a freshly revised CV, you can react quickly. Having an up-to-date CV can increase your chances of landing that new job, thus maximizing your potential in the job market. As the saying goes “Luck comes to those who are prepared.”

So, we recommend updating your CV after each new project while details are still fresh in your mind and it’s easy to explain what you’ve learned or accomplished. What may have seemed a small thing in your current job, may actually make the difference of a potential new employer offering you that new job.


This might not work!

Although updating your CV might seem a bit time-consuming and tiring, in the end it will save you a lot of time and energy. Your

CV is a marketing tool to show your strengths, so make sure yours is as powerful as it can be and most up-to-date. Plus, revisiting your accomplishments will help you develop confidence and clearer direction in your career.

So, when was the last time you looked at your CV? Are you ready to refresh it NOW? 🙂

Prepared by Júlia Švandová, Project Coordinator at GRN Czech


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