Get to know us: Siiri Lietu, Social Media Coordinator

Siiri intro picCan you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m a 23-year old student from Finland, currently on my 3rd year of HAMK University of Applied Sciences. A year from now, I’m going to be a Bachelor of Business. Before going to university, I was studying clothing design and attending art school, so I really like handicrafts, design and art. Music has always been a big part of my life, I have played piano and a Finnish traditional instrument kantele for many years. 🙂 Thanks to my time in Prague, I have newly found love for traveling. I enjoy exploring new places and I’m always seeking new adventures to take on.

And what are your professional interests?

My major is in Marketing, but this experience abroad has changed my views about what I’d like to do after I graduate. Maybe I’m a bit brainwashed because of reading all the inspirational quotes about doing what I love (:D), but I would like to do something more related to my somewhat artistic background. The best case scenario would be to combine business with it, and that is exactly what I’ll try to do.

What brought you to Prague and how do you like it?

Because I wanted international experience, I decided to take advantage of the Erasmus Program and came here last year to study for one semester. I had dreamed of studying abroad for many years, but . Eventually turned out that I loved Prague so much that I didn’t even want to leave after the 3-month semester finished. 🙂 I started searching for internships and jobs, and then I met Sini, our former Social Media Coordinator in Budapest by a funny coincidence and she told me about the available position at GRN, so here I am!

Did you have any troubles moving away from home and adapting to a new environment?

Not really, since I lived alone in Finland already for few years and I was used to being independent. Of course the transition from a town of 15 000 people where you know everyone, to Prague, where everyone is a stranger, was a bit overwhelming in the beginning, but I got used to it pretty quickly. I started enjoying the busier lifestyle of a bigger city and meeting people from all over the world has been extremely eye opening! Czech culture is more similar to Finnish culture than I imagined, so adapting here was not hard at all. Only problems were with the language, and how to deal with everything when the people don’t necessarily even speak English.

What are your main job responsibilities at GRN?

I’m taking care of the social media channels of GRN and everything related to that, such as writing blog posts, reading interesting articles to share, searching for pictures and quotes and so on. I updated the social media strategy of GRN and to came up with new ideas for the future. I was also responsible of finding my successor, which included reviewing CVs, organizing interviews with the potential candidates and dealing with the whole recruitment process until the day that she would arrive.

Do you think working for GRN will help you in your business career?

Definitely. International experience is always valuable and it’s something that I believe will differentiate me from other candidates when I’m searching for a job after graduation. Even if I’ll decide to apply for a completely different job, an internship abroad is a clear sign of internationality and advanced level of English to any employer. Both of them are more and more important in the future job market.

coffee or tea » COFFEE (Before coming to Prague, I didn’t drink either one though! Office has taught me 😉 )
morning or evening » EVENING (Oh how I wish I could decide to be a morning person…)
sports or art » BOTH (I can’t choose only one..both of them are a big part of my life)
dog or cat » CAT (I have two hairy friends waiting for me in Finland)
rock or jazz » ROCK
vodka or whiskey » VODKA
steak or soup » SOUP
cake or crisps » CAKE (No explanation needed!)
linkedin or facebook » FACEBOOK
resume or CV » CV