Get To Know Us: Indira Davitadze, our Social Media Coordinator

This time we would like to introduce our Social Media Coordinator, Indira Davitadze from Georgia. Indira will sindira blog fotopend 3 months at GRN between June and September. This has been her first work experience in Prague, and we hope not the last.

Could you please tell us a little bit about yourself and your background?

I was born in 1991 in Batumi, Georgia, where I finished primary school. But after I moved to Tbilisi (capital of Georgia) and graduated bachelor at Ilia State University. Fortunately, I had a chance to learn Polish language at my University, so I decided to continue Master studies in Poland, in Cracow. I studied at Cracow University of Economics and in this year I got a Master degree. I am so glad to have this opportunity, it was the most useful international experience.

What are your plans after finishing your internship at GRN Czech Republic?

After I finish my internship my plan is go back to Georgia and pass PH.D exams, I want to continue my study and finally, to find such  job, where I  will be able to use all my possibilities and resources. By the way, I plan to get married J in Georgia there is a person, who is waiting for me impatiently. …

Did you have any troubles moving away from home and adapting to a new environment?

At the beginning adaptation process was a little bit difficult, because it was first time I moved so far from my family but after everything- new place and new environment become very interesting for me- new people, discovering something new, discovering myself…I have taught a lot useful things. Now I am so happy, because I found my place in this world…

Do you think working at GRN Czech will help you in your professional career?

Absolutely, everything I am learning here will help me to realize my plans in the future . GRN Czech is helping me to gain international experience and to develop myself in a very professional way.  This knowledge always will be valuable and beneficial for me. It’s something that I believe will differentiate me from other candidates when I’m searching for a job after graduation.

10 choices :

Coffee or Tea: Coffee

Morning or Evening: Evening

Sports or Art: Art

Dog or Cat: Dog

Rock or Jazz: Rock

Vodka or Whiskey: Wine

Steak or Soup: Soup

Cake or Crisps: Cake

LinkedIn or Facebook: Facebook

Resume or CV: CV


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