Job Hunting Basics

The internet is full of all kinds of advice regarding job hunting. You can find various tips and advice: cover letter do’s and don’ts, body language tips, CV tailoring advice, lists of the most popular interview questions with clever answers and so much more. Trust us – by taking a little time to plan, study and prepare, you can make all the difference in your job hunt. It will take 5 minutes to finish this article, but we dare say – after internalizing and implementing the following 7 suggestions, you will be one huge step closer to success in moving your career forward!


Have you already tried these tips? Yes or No, it is worth reading further!

Looking for a job can be frustrating. At times you might feel that there’s nothing available. And if there is, you are competing with a big group of other professionals. Landing your dream job can be a winding road. That said, it’s good to remember something: You can’t have an effect on what the other candidates do. Instead, you can make sure that you are not one of those applicants who are eliminating themselves in some very basic ways. The following 7 steps will help you make the most of your job hunting efforts.


1. Do the research and approach your ideal companies. Get to know where you want to work and set out to do some intensive research. Read and learn about the company’s products and services & gain knowledge of the industry. Don’t just wait for a miracle to happen – instead, pull your finger out, contact the companies and start networking!


2. Take care of your social media presence. Be reasonable and stay reachable – optimize your LinkedIn profile and make sure to add your contact information.

3. Be accurate and use metrics on your CV. Don’t just tell what were your tasks in your previous job – let them know how good you were! List your accomplishments. Use numbers to express your success. (Check out the GRN CV sample!)

4. Edit and edit, and then – check, check, check! Make sure you have edited and sorted your CV  to impress the companies you are interested in. Don’t just check your CV and cover letter once or twice,  but multiple times. Misspellings, grammatical errors are not only one of the simplest but most typical blunders that candidates make.
5. Practice and prepare! It’s important to feel confident before stepping into the interview room. Practicing and rehearsing is the best way to get prepared for an interview. Ask a friend to play the role of the interviewer, think how you can present the best of you. Come up with impressive questions to ask from the hiring manager.


6. Be on time and presentable. Find out what’s the company dress code and stick with it — maybe even a notch better. Don’t go overboard, though, finding you’re uncomfortable. However, be careful not to be too casual. Dressing successfully (or unsuccessfully) can make or break an interview.

7. Last, but not least: Follow-Up! Send a thank you email after the interview. Express your fit for the role and your desire to have that job.


Regarding the Job Hunt – or actually anything in life – one thing is always good to remember: Make a big difference by having a “Can-Do” attitude! I would say good luck, but you know – usually it’s not really about being fortunate – we make our own fortune!


Prepared by Sini Suutari, Social Media Coordinator at GRN Czech.

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