Conversation Extenders

One of the characteristics of a good recruiter is curiosity – a compelling internal need to know what’s going on and why. This curiosity can be developed and nurtured. By asking curiosity based questions, the recruiter is demonstrating interest in the other party, thereby increasing trust. (After all, they realize that if you know them better, you are better able to serve them). Extending the conversation has other benefits, such as increasing the recruiter’s overall knowledge of the situation, the company’s situation, the likelihood of fill (or placement, if you’re talking to a recruit). You also increase your odds greatly of hearing about more openings, both from the candidates and from the HM’s you’re talking to. And also you increase your odds of getting referrals both to other companies and to other potential recruits. After all, you increased trust by doing something that few other recruiters have done – indicate interest!

Here are some of the examples how to extend a conversation:

Oh, really…tell me more.
Can you give me an example?
How does that affect your department?
How does that affect you?
What do others think of that?
What do you mean when you say….
When did that start?
Could you just talk more about that?
Would you go into a little more detail about….
Why is that important?
Why is that an issue?
Does that affect your productivity?
What affect does that have on your bonus?

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Prepared by Deni Jelinčić, Social Media Project Coordinator