Get to know us: Přemysl Gubani, Senior Recruitment Consultant


Today we’re introducing our newest member of the team: Senior Recruitment Consultant, Přemysl Gubani. He is a Czech, living in Prague. Přemysl started working for GRN Czech this fall. After reading his interview you’ll probably realize what a very “serious” person we’re dealing with!

Hi Přemysl! First, could you tell us a little bit about yourself and your background.
I finished my studies with the department of Educational Science on the Faculty of Arts. So as a young educational scientist who also loves money, I had to think about my future life (science ≠ money; work with children ≠ money; but both make me happy). I made a quick decision to find an amazing job where I could earn enough money and still have free time to work with children and teachers. And so I started with a small personal agency and found a new passion: networking! My passions are focused in: education science, teaching, working with children, networking and money. 🙂

In my free time, I cooperate with the NGO Projekt Odyssea where I work with school classes helping them improve the climate of well-being (based on group dynamics, prevention of bullying programs, etc.).

What brings you to GRN?
Interesting enough, Michael called me and invited me for short chat. Well as it turned out that was good timing, as I had been at a crossroads in deciding what would be my next career step: Stay within agency recruitment or explore a whole new world behind “the mirror” – headhunting. As you can see, I made my choice.

How do you like working with GRN as “Senior Recruitment Consultant”?
I am totally addicted to coffee. Success in headhunting depends on information and active connections in one’s network. So to gain information, you have to have a large network and strong relationships, and this is built by personal interactions. So in conclusion – you have to have a lot of appointments to be successful. And appointments mean? Coffee of course! 🙂 (this is also the reason why I have so many meetings out of the office)

Well that’s quite clever! What is the best part of your job? What’s the most challenging part?
The best part? It’s easy, getting a new project is the best. From there, the next part is when I collect information about the position and meet new people/new connections. Then of course there is the payday. 😉 The most challenging part of this work is simply – persistence. Oh, and never losing my small red notebook! 🙂


Oh yes, THE notebook. One more question: What do you think is the most important quality/characteristic of a candidate?
It depends on the project, but in general, I’d say passion and a deep understanding of the field. But that deep understanding depends on the candidate’s ability to explain that to me.

Last but not least – let’s take a look at Přemysl’s “10 quick choices”:

coffee or tea » COFFEE  (I love meetings and every meeting is connected with cup of coffee)
morning or evening » EVENING (I hate my zombie mode)
sports or art » SPORTS
dog or cat » Both! (I prefer dogs but cats suit my lifestyle better)
rock or jazz » ROCK  (Punk-rock!)
vodka or whiskey » VODKA
steak or soup » STEAK
cake or crisps » CAKE
linkedin or facebook » LINKEDIN
resume or CV » CV

Thank you for the introduction, Přemysl! GRN Czech is happy to have you on the team!