Ten Things to Love about Cold Calling


Cold-calling is a way of approaching an employer by telephone. Although some people handle their ability to engage a cold-calling better than most of the others, contacting a potential employer can be quite stressful.

We have made a “ten thing list” about what to love about cold calls. So before you find yourself in a stressful situation remember all the benefits this tool brings.

1) It Works – Cold calling works! It requires skill, the right mental attitude, and an iron will. Those three things make me smile!
2) Speed – I can go as fast as I can, and take on the attitude of, “There is somebody out there who is ready to do business with me… I’m gonna find ‘em!”
3) Efficiency – Think of cold calling as a quick filter. You can quickly learn who your best prospects are going to be.
4) Sharpens Skills – You have to be quick on your feet, maintain composure, and always be professional. Nothing sharpens skills like cold calling!
5) Keeps Me Humble – All great sales people can get a little cocky sometimes. No matter how good you are, you are going to have days when you get beat up on the phone. A little humble pie is a good reminder that we can always get better.
6) Hidden Prospects – There are prospects out there that have a need and are ready to buy. Nobody knows about them until the cold caller finds them!
7) Follow-Up Opportunities – Cold calling creates follow-up opportunities. I love it when a prospect says something like, “I have X, Y, and Z going on right now, but call me in two weeks.” When I call them back, they are “often” ready to have a professional conversation. The more I cold call, the more follow-up opportunities I create!
8) Builds My Pipeline – As a salesperson, it isn’t a natural tendency to be organized. Business opportunities can fall through the cracks. Cold calling makes it easy to sit at my desk, and build a pipeline. I use my CRM to keep quality notes on all of my prospects. Everything I need is in front of me.
9) Multiple Decision Makers – Within seconds, I can try to reach multiple decision makers within a company. If one isn’t available, I try the other one!
10) Willing to Do What Others Won’t – I love cold calling. I tell myself that every day. In fact, I make it a point to walk into the office, turn on my computer, and dial my first call before I do anything else. It sets the tone for the rest of the day.

Prepared by Deni Jelinčić, Social Media Project Coordinator

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